Elections Have Become Meaningless

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I’ve reached the point that I have little desire to vote. I no longer see the point. I keep asking myself, “Is our country a failed state?”

We elect congress, but why? The supreme court anti-constitutionally hijacks legislative powers from congress all the time. John Roberts, and his anti-constitutional cohorts, create laws whichour duly elected representatives have rejected. Congress has rejected creating laws which would elevate LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+ above everyone else. They have rejected the creation of laws which would place autonomous individuals into a collective. They have rejected creating law which would violate religious freedom and religious conscience (the 1st Amendment). But all hail John Roberts, and his glorious appearing! He broke the shackles placed upon him by The Constitution, stole power which can only be used by congress, and created a “law” last week, a “law” which elevates LGBT folk above everyone else, a “law” which puts more individuals in a collective, a “law” which destroys individual autonomy, destroys religious freedom, a “law” which ignores the will of the people.

In actuality, John Roberts, Gorsuch, and the other anti-constitutional gnostics and iconoclasts squeezed out a steaming turd on The Constitution, the country, and liberty. The frustrating thing is, most people are treating it like the final word, or treating the turd as immovable. Ignorance and apathy, two things which Ben Franklin was alluding to when he said, “[We have] a republic, if you can keep it!” NO! The supreme court is not the final arbiter!

Congress ignorantly and cowardly fails to use its powers to bind the judiciary. Yes, they can constitutionally bind the entire federal judicial branch.

Since the judicial branch can create “law”, and congress fails to use its power to bind the judiciary, and the country suicidally, apathetically, and ignorantly supports this anti-constitutional behavior, why should I vote for congress?

Why should I vote for president, governor, mayor, city council, etc, if these elected officials kowtow to a violent mob which cares about nothing but destroying property and our way of life? If these elected officials keep neglecting their bound duty to uphold the law as written, and maintain order, why bother voting?

Why has not President Trump put an end to the CHAZ anarchy in Seattle? “State rights! State rights!” Yeah, yeah. I know that cry, but states actually don’t have rights, they have powers, and there are federal laws which allow the federal government to act when states fail to act. Why hasn’t every individual involved with CHAZ and Antifa been brought behind the shed and given a ruthless whooping as the result of their violent anarchy?

“Well, Mr. Buckley, as Martin Luther King said, “Riots are the language of the unheard,’ so we have to let them protest.” Yeah, I am familiar with King’s words, but are you? Read the entire speech. King was not encouraging riots, nor was he condoning riots. In the speech, he condemns riots. The “language of the unheard” phrase he used was used merely to explain the psychology of rioters in the 1960’s, not to excuse the violent behavior of lawless thugs in 2020.

These violent groups are not protesting, they are destroying. They are not asking for healing, they are rudderless avatars of chaos. Law and order must be paramount, and if elected officials continue to wuss out, why should I vote? If elected officials don’t send enforcement, one of their sworn duties, why should I vote? If the population isn’t demanding elected officials do something about the tearing down of monuments and statues, why should I vote?

These same elected officials, along with school superintendents and school boards, have now codified the rule of oligarchs and gnostics, which is anti-constitutional, and anti-republicanism. They have handed over all governing power to unelected health officials and health districts. Elected governors, mayors, city councils, school boards, have given up their leadership and handed it to unelected bureaucrats. Governors, mayors, county officials, are now all figure heads, because they willingly chose to not lead, they willingly chose to wuss out, they willingly chose to ignore individual liberties they swore to uphold. This will be the standard from now on, because citizens either think this is the way it should be, or they are completely apathetic. So, why should i vote for governor, mayor, city council, school boards, etc? The new standard has been set, and people are apparently a-okay with it. Oligarchy and gnosticism is the way now, so why vote?

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