Failure of Imagination: Remembering Apollo One

Apollo One SealThere are very few subjects in life that deeply interest me. History is one of those subjects, and the exploration of space is yet another. Naturally, the history of space exploration goes beyond intriguing me — I devour the subject every chance I get.

Only two of my four children are old enough to grasp and understand stories of space exploration. They know the stories of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. I love telling them the stories of my heroes and how the U.S. was the first to put a man on the moon.

As I have told my children the stories of those fearless men, they Continue reading “Failure of Imagination: Remembering Apollo One”

Obama Wants to Be A Dictator

obama-noseI found the SOTU campaign speech last night from President Obama to be condescending and hypocritical. It was filled with empty platitudes, contradictions, and grossly unconstitutional proposals.

After the president gave his grandiose dream of all the new departments, task forces, taxes, regulations, and mandates, he said something that sent a creepy chill down my spine. He firmed his jaw and said Continue reading “Obama Wants to Be A Dictator”