Pastors, Reverends, Priests, Bishops, and Other Faith Leaders, You Are Failing Your Flocks

DO NOT make assumptions. This is how some in the flock get lost or become neglected. Don’t assume they are okay. Don’t assume they don’t need help.

The proceeding may seem harsh and heavy-handed to some. But it needs said.   It is the absolute reality for many.  Many in the flock of Christ have been lost, abused, and neglected in the past two years in the name of zero covid. They have been voiceless, too afraid to speak. Or utterly ignored and dismissed. I have cried with them. Been frustrated along with them. Confused along with them. And very few of ecclesiastical authority seem to care.

I will speak for them. I will put my name to their crying desperate voices and advocate for them, and for their children. I honestly feel I will be damned if I don’t.

This is not pointed at any one specific person or denomination. Several faith leaders of every major christian denomination have a problem. And this post is directed at them.

Some in your flock don’t trust you. “In what regard?” They don’t trust you to listen. They don’t trust you to care. They don’t trust you to stand up for them.  You are equal to Continue reading “Pastors, Reverends, Priests, Bishops, and Other Faith Leaders, You Are Failing Your Flocks”

Celebrating Independence: The Need For Dependence on Christ

As we celebrate the birth of our country and independent spirit, let’s please remember our independence from tyranny is contingent on our dependence on Christ.

Reading The Declaration of Independence every year, I am always amazed at the bravery of the men who signed it. I am also amazed what it spawned: the longest lasting constitution and republic in the history of the world. This is exceptional.

Despite what revisionists have started teaching in the past 75 years or so, most founding fathers were raised in the christian faith, and studied the Bible, and knew its positive influence in society, and relied on it (evidence below). Up until Continue reading “Celebrating Independence: The Need For Dependence on Christ”