Is Mankind Inherently Good?

Every person is a literal child of God and loved by God. Every person is of value. We are scripturally mandated to love, and to be kind towards, every individual. I have yet to find any exemptions to this godly commandment. This is because God loves all of his children…

Ever since I was in my late teens, Christmastime has been bitter-sweet. The reasons are many, and I may address them in my future works. For now, just know that for me, as it is for many others, Christmastime magnifies my pains and sorrows, and also magnifies eternal spiritual truths of joy and comfort that stem from the love of our Savior.

I’ve been contemplating the question, “Is mankind inherently good?” off and on for several years. I’ve spent many hours studying spiritual philosophers, scholars, and holy scripture. It is normal Continue reading “Is Mankind Inherently Good?”