Masks And Individual Liberty

Why can’t we let individuals decide for themselves on whether to open their businesses, step outside, attend a sports event, etc., with or without a mask? What is wrong with personal agency and personal responsibility?

I honestly don’t see why so many people are getting so political and uppity about masks. Either they work to prevent you from getting sick, or they don’t. I can post dozens of videos and links that prove they are NOT effective, and you can post multiple videos and links that prove that they ARE effective. You will not persuade me by posting a meme. There will NEVER be consensus on masks. NEVER. If you want to wear a mask, then go ahead, but if I don’t want to wear a mask, then you will still be fine because you are wearing a mask. Why can’t we just let the individual decide for himself/herself? I don’t get uppity with you about you wearing a mask, so please don’t get uppity with others who choose to not wear a mask. You’ll be fine, you’re wearing a mask. It has NOTHING to do with me thinking you are a scared wuss, or thinking I am excessively brave. You’ve been persuaded to wear a mask, I have not. That’s all there is to it. Neither of us will likely be dissuaded. Yelling and screaming will only drive deeper the wedges. Calling me selfish will say more about you.

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Is Mankind Inherently Good?

Every person is a literal child of God and loved by God. Every person is of value. We are scripturally mandated to love, and to be kind towards, every individual. I have yet to find any exemptions to this godly commandment. This is because God loves all of his children…

I’ve been contemplating the question, “Is mankind inherently good?” off and on for several years. I’ve spent many hours studying spiritual philosophers, scholars, and holy scripture.  Thanks to these studies and contemplations prompted by the Spirit, and thanks to an event that I will not share publicly, I now have an answer to that question with which I’ve been wrestling.

Before you read on, please know that if you fail to read all my words in this post, you may make false assumptions about me and my conclusions. And for some, if you fail to read all my written thoughts, you may become discouraged. I do not want this. Please read my points, and I encourage you to study holy scripture as I have, as they are the word of God and have led me to my conclusions of hope, comfort, rest, and joy. Continue reading “Is Mankind Inherently Good?”

Who Is Standing Up For The Idea Of America, For The Constitution?

we-the-peopleMy family and I watched the spectacle of the presidential debate last night. It was horrifying. I went in not rooting for either of the candidates, having decided months ago that I cannot vote for either Clinton or Trump. I had no intention of watching the debate, until one of my kids asked about it and said they wanted to see it.

My kids stay abreast of current issues and news. Not nearly as much as a Continue reading “Who Is Standing Up For The Idea Of America, For The Constitution?”