Elections Have Become Meaningless

I’ve reached the point that I have little desire to vote. I no longer see the point. I keep asking myself, “Is our country a failed state?”

We elect congress, but why? The supreme court anti-constitutionally hijacks legislative powers from congress all the time. John Roberts, and his anti-constitutional cohorts, create laws which Continue reading “Elections Have Become Meaningless”

Can We Stop Pretending We Have A Conservative Constitutional Supreme Court?

For Those of you who vote GOP and support the GOP solely because of judges, how’s that working out for you?

No surprise to me, and to others who have read my past writings on our gnostic, anti-constitutional, and incestuous judicial branch, the supreme court yesterday once again did what only congress has the constitutional power to do: legislate. And those who want to destroy the family, and religion, cheered the court’s OPINION, and pretended to be compassionate and kind, while vilifying anyone who offered a contrary opinion of constitutionalism, religious freedom,  freedom of conscience, and real inalienable rights.

Those that voted for Trump in 2016 solely because Continue reading “Can We Stop Pretending We Have A Conservative Constitutional Supreme Court?”

Do Students Have Religious Rights?

If any school official or policy violates these rights, the school and its governing administration are in violation of section 9524 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and they will lose ESEA funds. Nothing scares a school district more than the possibility of losing funds.

Despite the wishes of freedom from religion advocates, our children have religious rights while attending public school. I think several citizens are unaware of these rights.

As I have previously written, our tyrannical Supreme Court in the 1960’s re-interpreted the religious clauses of the 1st Amendment in order to promote their hostility towards religion. In order to do this, they had to ignore history, ignore over 150 years of judicial precedents, ignore over 150 years of national doctrine, and ignore Continue reading “Do Students Have Religious Rights?”

Judicial Myth: The Supreme Court Is The Final Arbiter, They can Create Law, And Only They Can Determine Constitutionality

A judiciary, left unchecked and unaccountable, will always expand, broaden, or increase its jurisdiction. This is a natural occurrence of power, and therefore it must be constantly controlled, like a fire.

This is the final part of a four part series regarding myths about our judicial branch. Here are the links to the previous posts:

Part 1 – Myth: The Judicial Branch Is Equal To The Other Two Government Branches
Part 2 – Myth: Federal Judges Are Guaranteed A Lifetime Appointment
Part 3 – Myth: The Judiciary’s Role Is To Protect The Minority From The Majority

We have allowed the judiciary to elevate themselves above the executive branch, above the legislative branch, above The Constitution, and for some, even above God. Even though the judiciary has no constitutional authority to do so, they create law, an enumerated power that is only given to congress. We also allow the judiciary to execute law, which is an enumerated power only given to the executive. We also look to the supreme court as the ultimate Continue reading “Judicial Myth: The Supreme Court Is The Final Arbiter, They can Create Law, And Only They Can Determine Constitutionality”

Judicial Myth: Federal Judges Are Guaranteed a Lifetime Appointment (and a word about impeachment)

Impeachment is not a criminal trial, it is a political trial. A crime does not have to have been committed.

This is part two of a four part series of articles concerning misinformation about the judicial branch of our federal government. The judiciary has become an arm of tyranny and has stolen legislative and executive authority. The founders feared and warned about this very thing occurring. These judges need to be reined in. And it is possible and plausible, and not unprecedented. This will, however, take a generation, if we educate ourselves on The Constitution and the true nature and role of the judiciary.

In part one, I tackled the myth that the three branches of the federal government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) are separate and equal. They are most definitely not equal. The Legislative branch is the most powerful, followed by the Executive, and, according to The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, and the Founders, the weakest branch is the Judiciary. Read the full post here. Continue reading “Judicial Myth: Federal Judges Are Guaranteed a Lifetime Appointment (and a word about impeachment)”

Judicial Myth: The Judiciary is Equal To The Other Two Branches

I do not have much respect for the current state of the judicial branch of our federal government. Although I respect some federal justices, and agree with some judiciary opinions, as a whole I do not trust the federal judicial system. More and more, they largely ignore original intent of our founders, ignore principles of individual liberty, ignore constitutional bounds, and ignore the will of the people. They are, as a whole, tyrannical in nature, and primarily use self-created power.

The judicial branch of today goes far beyond what the framers established. An abusive judiciary is one of the reasons we declared independence from the tyrant King George in 1776. Ask the typical citizen of today as to why we declared independence, their answer, if they answer at all, will likely be, “taxation without representation.” That response is true, but only to a point. The Declaration of Independence lists 27 reasons why. Taxation without representation is there in the list, but it is not in the top 5 reasons. It’s not even in the top 10. It is number Continue reading “Judicial Myth: The Judiciary is Equal To The Other Two Branches”

My Stance On Abortion Was Wrong, And The Judiciary Is An Arm Of Tyranny

whaleI’ve been pondering during my free time for the past weeks, ever since Justice Kennedy’s announcement of retirement from the supreme court. The clamor from the left has hit max, and it is largely focused on women’s reproductive rights. I’ve been listening and observing from those concerned about Trump’s pick to replace Kennedy. I paid attention before, and after, Trump announced whom he would like to fill the vacancy.

While listening, I never thought my stance on abortion would change, but it has. This change has been percolating for years, but I didn’t realize it until the Continue reading “My Stance On Abortion Was Wrong, And The Judiciary Is An Arm Of Tyranny”