Other Documents & Speeches

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The following is a list of documents, essays, and speeches that are important to US history. In those taking place prior to the Declaration and the revolutionary war, take note of the grievances cited by the colonists:

  • A crappy, manipulated, corrupt, and useless judicial system
  • Less than just and adequate representation
  • Standing armies repeatedly at their door
  • Unreasonable taxation
  • The inability to create their own laws
  • British officials not following the law
  • And more

Also take note that in most instances, while they were warning their mother country to stop poking them, they still swore loyalty to the crown.

Several of these documents also make it evident that several of the founding fathers were religious, not mere deists, but believed in the Almighty and Omnipotent, and in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Documents will be added to this list over time.

Prior to the Declaration of Independence:

After The Declaration of Independence:

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