Judicial Myth: The Judiciary is Equal To The Other Two Branches

I do not have much respect for the current state of the judicial branch of our federal government. Although I respect some federal justices, and agree with some judiciary opinions, as a whole I do not trust the federal judicial system. More and more, they largely ignore original intent of our founders, ignore principles of individual liberty, ignore constitutional bounds, and ignore the will of the people. They are, as a whole, tyrannical in nature, and primarily use self-created power.

The judicial branch of today goes far beyond what the framers established. An abusive judiciary is one of the reasons we declared independence from the tyrant King George in 1776. Ask the typical citizen of today as to why we declared independence, their answer, if they answer at all, will likely be, “taxation without representation.” That response is true, but only to a point. The Declaration of Independence lists 27 reasons why. Taxation without representation is there in the list, but it is not in the top 5 reasons. It’s not even in the top 10. It is number Continue reading “Judicial Myth: The Judiciary is Equal To The Other Two Branches”