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I do not belong to the libertarian party, and likely never will.  I’m a libertarian (small L) in principle only.  This site is to write about liberty and subjects linked to liberty.  Liberty in all forms: political, civil, emotional, and spiritual.

My basic convictions and principles

Note: these are in no particular order, and  I may add to this list as I continue to learn from others’ views, from Scripture,  and from history.

  • Life begins at conception.
  • Literal demons are everywhere. If we do not live our lives to be in-tune with the Holy Spirit, we put ourselves at risk of being influenced by evil, rather than by Good. Frequent and continual prayer is the most effective weapon against demonic influence.
  • Mankind is not inherently good, therefore, we need to stay close to God and seek continual repentance and forgiveness.
  • Jesus Christ is my savior.
  • My wife is perfect for me. She is my one and only lover.
  • Pornography is poison to marriage and to the soul.
  • Marriage is God’s jurisdiction,  not government’s jurisdiction.
  • Our rights come from God.
  • Leaders in, and employees of, local, state, and federal governments are not above the law and should be held accountable.
  • We need to elect wise and moral people who understand The Constitution
  • The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.  It is about a person’s god-given right to self defense, and a wall to protect us from tyranny.  This right shall not be infringed.
  • People  have a right to say or write anything they want, via any peaceable platform, even if I disagree with it.  This right should always be protected, especially if it is an opinion I disagree with.
  • People  have the right to peaceably assemble.  This right should be protected, even if I disagree with them.
  • People have the right to religious expression and religious conscious, even in the public square.  Individuals have the freedom to non-intrusively exercise  religion and their religious conscience.
  • The police (local, state, and federal) need a warrant, signed by a judge, to search my person and property, which includes my electronic devices.
  • The power that is not specifically granted by The Constitution to the federal government, is held by the people and the states (AKA, the 10th Amendment).
  • Every individual has the right to due process under the law.  No matter what.  Always.  Innocent until proven guilty.  No vigilantism.
  • We are a nation of laws, not of men.  Justice is blind.
  • The Constitution is an inspired document, written by wise and god-fearing men.  It is an eternal document, not a living or flexible document.  If you don’t like The Constitution, then change it.
  • All political parties are corruptible, not just the once I disagree with most.
  • The United States is a republic, not a democracy, and understanding the difference does matter.
  • Civility, education, morals, virtues, and religion are key supports for our republic.
  • History is most accurate when you can find, and understand the context of, original sources or first-person testimony.
  • Every life matters
  • Liberty is not the right to a government program or entitlement, it is not the right to have un-hurt feelings, it is not the right to not be offended.  Liberty is the freedom from being acted upon.  It is the freedom to make your own choices, to chart your own course, to be the captain of your destiny.
  • I believe in following the law, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it.  If I don’t like it, I can change it through the political process, not through vigilante violence.
  • Laws stem from the legislative branch, not from the judiciary or executive.
  • The supreme court of the United States, and its lower appellate courts, have become an out-of-control anti-constitutional oligarchy.
  • Constitutionally, the Judicial branch of the federal government is the weakest of the branches. They have no power to enforce their opinions. (see Federalist #78 for more)

More About Me And My Views

First off, let me make some basic things clear.

Some libertarians are almost anarchists.  Not me.  Government does serve a purpose, I just want it to stay in constitutional bounds.

A lot of libertarians are pot-heads.  Not me.  If marijuana  serves a legitimate medical purpose and it isn’t abused, go for it, if it is legal in your state.   Yes, it is a state issue.  I don’t think we should waste time talking about a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  I don’t believe it should be used for recreational purposes.   I will accept the law if it becomes legal for recreational purposes.

Several libertarians are pro-abortion.  Definitely not me.   I care more about the liberty of a baby if the choice is between a baby’s life and the lifestyle (not the life) of the mother.  If you have sex and you create life, killing that new person out of convenience is anti-liberty.  If you can’t handle the natural consequences of sex, don’t have sex.

Please don’t give me the argument that it is impossible to not have sex.  It is.  We are sexual beings, but abstaining until you are married and able to accept the biological consequences of having sex is absolutely possible.  I speak from experience.

So you don’t make an unjustified assumption about me, I want to say this:  sex isn’t just for procreation, it is also to strengthen the bond between husband and wife.  There are times that the only thing that gets me, and my wife, through a busy day, or a busy week, is knowing that we can have that intimate time together.

Politically  speaking, I’m sick of party politics.  I don’t trust the democrat party, I don’t trust the republican party.  They treat The Constitution and truth like a designer coat — they wear it when it’s fashionable, socially acceptable, and comfortable, and they discard it in a heap in the corner the second it no longer serves them.  The Constitution matters.  Liberty matters.  History matters.  Truth matters.

I am  blind.  Both literally and figuratively.  I have scarring on my retina in my left eye and suffered retinal detachment in my right eye in 2002.  I can’t drive.  I can’t look my wife in her eyes and tell her I love her.  I can’t look my sons in their eyes while I teach them what it means to be honest and stalwart.  I can’t read without the aid of technology.

I am blind to parties, and to candidates.  I don’t see the pomp, I don’t see the flags waving behind a politician as rhetoric is spewed.  I hear their words only, and they are usually vacuous.   Politically, I am not loyal to any man or woman.  Politically, I am loyal to liberty, truth, and The Constitution.  Nothing else.  Always.

In my personal life, I am loyal to God, Jesus Christ, my wife, my children, and my friends.

Click here to find out why I am a libertarian.

Although I studied political science, history, and communications in college, I consider myself to be a student of history.

I enjoy church, reading, the outdoors, gardening, music, ham radio, and my family.

I created this website mainly because of something I recently learned. I was listening to Dana Loesch on her radio show — the first time I had ever done so. She began talking about Christianity and that christians need to stand up for truth. She assertively pointed out that we are biblically mandated to not be silent, and to reject evil and lies, and to point such things out to others.

If I had been taught that before, it never sunk in. I began studying the Bible and yes, there are several verses which talk about truth and silence in the face of evil.

The scripture that really got my attention was Ephesians 5:11

I already had a website that had been used for political articles and op-eds, but I was never satisfied with it, mainly because the hosting software was terrible. Plus, it was also used for other things, not just politics. Although it still has a presence on the web, it’s largely abandoned. I may revive it again in the future, but for now, I wanted to create a blog for a single purpose, thus this website.

Some blog posts on this website were originally published on my old website. If the publish date is prior to April 1, 2016, the articles were originally posted on another website. But I hold the copyright

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