Fauci, CDC, Media Have Caused Alarm Fatigue.

The next time you hear a covid alarm, just remember you have a 99.41% chance of survival, even higher if you are young and healthy.  So turn off the alarm.  


Does anyone pay attention to car alarms anymore? Yes, but only as a nuisance. Because they have cried wolf one too many times.

The vast number of notifications on smartphones have taught us to ignore them. Once or twice a day, we quickly scroll through them, performing somewhat of a 30 second triage on what warrants our attention, and most of the time, it is all nothing. Delete all.

In the past 18 months, Fauci, the CDC, and the media have sounded alarm after alarm after alarm regarding covid-19. It initially worked. Continue reading “Fauci, CDC, Media Have Caused Alarm Fatigue.”