Jesus Christ Was An Enemy Of The State

Jesus Christ was an enemy of the state. He was executed for being an enemy of the state. Any attempts to repaint Jesus as a loyal citizen always supporting the state does not do any justice to Holy Scripture. And frankly, it is dishonest. And if that makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, then don’t bother reading Holy Scripture.
Throughout holy text, Jesus was frequently Continue reading “Jesus Christ Was An Enemy Of The State”

Fauci, CDC, Media Have Caused Alarm Fatigue.

The next time you hear a covid alarm, just remember you have a 99.41% chance of survival, even higher if you are young and healthy.  So turn off the alarm.  


Does anyone pay attention to car alarms anymore? Yes, but only as a nuisance. Because they have cried wolf one too many times.

The vast number of notifications on smartphones have taught us to ignore them. Once or twice a day, we quickly scroll through them, performing somewhat of a 30 second triage on what warrants our attention, and most of the time, it is all nothing. Delete all.

In the past 18 months, Fauci, the CDC, and the media have sounded alarm after alarm after alarm regarding covid-19. It initially worked. Continue reading “Fauci, CDC, Media Have Caused Alarm Fatigue.”

Celebrating Independence: The Need For Dependence on Christ

As we celebrate the birth of our country and independent spirit, let’s please remember our independence from tyranny is contingent on our dependence on Christ.

Reading The Declaration of Independence every year, I am always amazed at the bravery of the men who signed it. I am also amazed what it spawned: the longest lasting constitution and republic in the history of the world. This is exceptional.

Despite what revisionists have started teaching in the past 75 years or so, most founding fathers were raised in the christian faith, and studied the Bible, and knew its positive influence in society, and relied on it (evidence below). Up until Continue reading “Celebrating Independence: The Need For Dependence on Christ”

We are being manipulated, and are being told lies and exaggerations

I saw this doom and gloom headline on Saturday: Hospitals in Idaho, Pennsylvania, Texas overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients.

But it’s not based in contextual information or facts.

From the article:

In Idaho, National Guard troops were called in to help triage patients outside an urgent-care facility turned COVIID-19 clinic, while the staff inside work 12-hour shifts.

Those in the National Guard were not ordered to do so. Those in charged asked for volunteers. So the need was not dire. 12 Hour shifts is normal for such incidents. ALL hospitals have Continue reading “We are being manipulated, and are being told lies and exaggerations”

Starting The Path of School Freedom

Our school district, West Ada School District, is without course and rudderless, too top-heavy, and is far less focused on actual education, and more focused on “safety” and protecting itself from litigation. And passing the buck to a tyrannical health district.

They have placed way too many draconian restrictions on students, parents, teachers, schools, etc, that educating will come with obstructions and hurdles that will likely prove to be completely unnecessary, but will hinder education progress and the mental health of many.

They have no clear plan as to when in-person classes would begin, what the standards of “safety” will be, what precise metric will cause a school Continue reading “Starting The Path of School Freedom”

COVID-19: Bad Science, Bad Metrics, Lies, And Manipulations


Please be kind enough to read, detached from emotion and biasses. I do care what is happening in the world, our country, my state, and my community. Who am I to talk about such things? I’m no one. But I can read data. And so can you. I am by no means an expert, but I can rely on experts as I research. I’ve relied on experts from Oxford. And ANYONE can look at the metrics. I recommend this data source, since it is free from emoting commentary.

I cite references below. A scholarly article/review which cites several RCT studies, and a recent video of Oxford epidemiologists, and a few quotes. My motivation is not to personally attack ANYONE. My motivation was prompted by the repeated claims that mask mandates “are based on the science.” My motivation is to present an important perspective that I feel is largely un heard and misrepresented.

I’m not anti mask, I’m anti-bad-science. I want my state, and the country to re-open. Although I cannot wear face masks due to non-SARS-CoV-2 health issues, if the science supported it, I would Continue reading “COVID-19: Bad Science, Bad Metrics, Lies, And Manipulations”

There Is No Evidence Which Proves Thomas Jefferson Fathered Any Of Sally Hemings’ Children

Destruction is part of human nature. I get it. So, it should not be surprising the amount of iconoclasts in the “social justice” mobs of today; the iconoclasts destroying statues, and destroying history.

Iconoclasm is nothing new, it’s been around since shortly after creation. The destruction and discrediting of essential figures of civic and spiritual liberty has long been a tool of the devil. This tool will continue to be used with evil purpose until Christ Himself puts an end to it.

Lies about our country’s framers have been perpetuated by iconoclasts for decades, and it is high time we quarantine these lies and discredit their perpetrators.

There is absolutely no evidence which proves Continue reading “There Is No Evidence Which Proves Thomas Jefferson Fathered Any Of Sally Hemings’ Children”

Myth: As Christians, We Must Always Obey Government

The point of this writing is to squash the canard that “Christians must do whatever government says.” This statement is an absolute. And its principle is not found in scripture. We are not commanded to always obey government.

What this writing is not about, is a call to action. I am not calling for defiance of government. I am not advocating for lawlessness and mobs. I merely want to make it clear that scripture does not command us to blindly obey everything government says. That’s it.

I’ve seen, over the past few months, some verses of scripture posted online to support this canard, but they ignore the context, the historical surroundings, the intent of the author, and subsequent verses. I don’t care Continue reading “Myth: As Christians, We Must Always Obey Government”

Elections Have Become Meaningless

I’ve reached the point that I have little desire to vote. I no longer see the point. I keep asking myself, “Is our country a failed state?”

We elect congress, but why? The supreme court anti-constitutionally hijacks legislative powers from congress all the time. John Roberts, and his anti-constitutional cohorts, create laws which Continue reading “Elections Have Become Meaningless”

Can We Stop Pretending We Have A Conservative Constitutional Supreme Court?

For Those of you who vote GOP and support the GOP solely because of judges, how’s that working out for you?

No surprise to me, and to others who have read my past writings on our gnostic, anti-constitutional, and incestuous judicial branch, the supreme court yesterday once again did what only congress has the constitutional power to do: legislate. And those who want to destroy the family, and religion, cheered the court’s OPINION, and pretended to be compassionate and kind, while vilifying anyone who offered a contrary opinion of constitutionalism, religious freedom,  freedom of conscience, and real inalienable rights.

Those that voted for Trump in 2016 solely because Continue reading “Can We Stop Pretending We Have A Conservative Constitutional Supreme Court?”