Judicial Myth: The Judiciary is Equal To The Other Two Branches

I do not have much respect for the current state of the judicial branch of our federal government. Although I respect some federal justices, and agree with some judiciary opinions, as a whole I do not trust the federal judicial system. More and more, they largely ignore original intent of our founders, ignore principles of individual liberty, ignore constitutional bounds, and ignore the will of the people. They are, as a whole, tyrannical in nature, and primarily use self-created power.

The judicial branch of today goes far beyond what the framers established. An abusive judiciary is one of the reasons we declared independence from the tyrant King George in 1776. Ask the typical citizen of today as to why we declared independence, their answer, if they answer at all, will likely be, “taxation without representation.” That response is true, but only to a point. The Declaration of Independence lists 27 reasons why. Taxation without representation is there in the list, but it is not in the top 5 reasons. It’s not even in the top 10. It is number Continue reading “Judicial Myth: The Judiciary is Equal To The Other Two Branches”

My Stance On Abortion Was Wrong, And The Judiciary Is An Arm Of Tyranny

whaleI’ve been pondering during my free time for the past weeks, ever since Justice Kennedy’s announcement of retirement from the supreme court. The clamor from the left has hit max, and it is largely focused on women’s reproductive rights. I’ve been listening and observing from those concerned about Trump’s pick to replace Kennedy. I paid attention before, and after, Trump announced whom he would like to fill the vacancy.

While listening, I never thought my stance on abortion would change, but it has. This change has been percolating for years, but I didn’t realize it until the Continue reading “My Stance On Abortion Was Wrong, And The Judiciary Is An Arm Of Tyranny”

Healing After Suicide, Darkness, And Trauma

A picture of a young man with his arms raised in triumph facing a penetrating sunrise If anyone reading this is going through a tragic loss of suicide of a loved one, or other similar traumas, I want you to know that there is hope.  There is hope for healing, and a hope of happiness.   It will take time, and it will take humility, and proactive actions.  There is hope.  There will be light once again.

I’ve never publicly written about my experience with suicide. I may have mentioned aspects of it here and there, but here it goes, mostly in its entirety. There are some aspects of this experience that I will never share, except with my wife, and The Lord.

I rarely discuss the topic of suicide. It brings way too many emotions to the surface, which makes Continue reading “Healing After Suicide, Darkness, And Trauma”

Common Sense And Empathy: Transgenders And The Military

mentalIt’s common sense. The military needs the best of the best. There is a plethora of conditions that bar entrance into the military. The long list of things that can disqualify a person is to ensure that we have able, fit, mentally stable, and willing people to serve. It’s like any other job: if you are not qualified, you don’t get hired.

After Donald Trump announced via Twitter that transgender people were going to be prohibited from joining the military, the small percentage of citizens who are pro-LGBT became Continue reading “Common Sense And Empathy: Transgenders And The Military”

The Cancellation Of Last Man Standing: Screw You, Middle-America!

I’ve seen every episode of Last Man Standing. Some multiple times. It is one of the few sitcoms that my wife and I can watch without feeling that our values are being assaulted. I’ve recommended it to several family members and friends. It’s fair to say that I’m a fan.

I was among the shocked when the Continue reading “The Cancellation Of Last Man Standing: Screw You, Middle-America!”

I Voted Third-Party And I Didn’t Waste My Vote, Please Don’t Disrespect It

I voted for Evan McMullin, and I didn’t throw my vote away.

Before you go off on me, please read onward. Most of your arguments will be discussed below. This is not written in the spirit of vindictiveness. If you are voting FOR Trump or FOR Hillary based on their principles and character, I respect you. I don’t necessarily understand how you Continue reading “I Voted Third-Party And I Didn’t Waste My Vote, Please Don’t Disrespect It”

Who Is Standing Up For The Idea Of America, For The Constitution?

we-the-peopleMy family and I watched the spectacle of the presidential debate last night. It was horrifying. I went in not rooting for either of the candidates, having decided months ago that I cannot vote for either Clinton or Trump. I had no intention of watching the debate, until one of my kids asked about it and said they wanted to see it.

My kids stay abreast of current issues and news. Not nearly as much as a Continue reading “Who Is Standing Up For The Idea Of America, For The Constitution?”

The Rarely Told Story From The Battle of Lexington: The Shot Heard Round The World

jonas clarkAbridging history makes it easier for public educators to teach the subject, but the abridgment can also be a molester of truth. A victim of historical abridgment is the role of pastors and providence in U.S. independence and The Revolution.

On the anniversary of The Battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775), I want to share remarkable elements of a story that are absent from most history books used in educational settings. I also want to Continue reading “The Rarely Told Story From The Battle of Lexington: The Shot Heard Round The World”

The U.S. Is Exceptional — Let’s Keep It Exceptional

On the anniversary of September 12, 2001, the day that every American woke up, feeling united, I felt the need to write this essay to point out American exceptionalism. I’m not going to be shy about it or deny it like President Obama has done — the U.S. is, without question, exceptional. Continue reading “The U.S. Is Exceptional — Let’s Keep It Exceptional”