Cruz Is Not Breaking The Rules, He’s Doing What A Beloved 19th Century President Did

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ted cruzThis post was not written to irritate Trumpsters, it’s to educate them. If you are a supporter of Donald, please take off your blinders and continue reading.

Mr Trump has continually and repeatedly claimed that Ted Cruz has cheated, is cheating, breaking the rules, in order to steal Trump’s delegates, which Trump won fair and square. Trump has also railed against the GOP.

Cruz is not breaking any rules.

Delegate rules can be complicated, each state can be different, and the where and when delegates (the actual human beings) are assigned is separate from the primary process. Each state, at some point prior to the national party convention, decides and assigns who to send as their state’s delegates. The states’ primaries, instructs those delegates who they are to vote for in the first ballot. If a candidate fails to receive the appropriate number needed to obtain the nomination, a second ballot is then cast. Depending on the state that sent each delegate, some delegates are free to vote for whomever they wish in subsequent ballots, if there are any. In some instances, the delegates are open to freely vote for whomever on the second, third, or the fourth ballot — it all depends on the state that sent them.

Cruz knows this. He’s preparing for the eventuality that Trump won’t obtain the needed amount of delegates after the first ballot is cast at the convention.  He is in the process of persuading potential delegates to vote for him after their mandated vote is cast for Trump and if there are subsequent ballots.  All within the rules

Trump’s rage towards Cruz is actually rage towards the convention rules and the rules of the delegate process of each state. He may not have known the rules prior to running, and that would be his fault. However, he certainly knows the rules now, and he’s playing the part of a victim.

Cruz is not trying to usurp the will of the people in order for him to obtain the nomination. He’s merely preparing for a valid and what may be a necessary contingency. He’s using the system. It’s not pretty, but it is the political process. If Trump didn’t like those rules, he should have began his campaign as a member of a different party, or create his own.

If you don’t like the rules of your state’s delegate process or the voting mandates for your delegates, then change them for the next election. It happens all the time, which is one of the many reasons this primary season can be so confusing.

The vacuous Trump, instead of working within the system and working with the rules, is claiming to be a victim of the system and of Cruz’s strategy, when in actuality he is a victim of his own ignorance.

lincolnOh, and the much beloved Abraham Lincoln won his party’s nomination by doing what Cruz is doing. After extensive work within the rules of the delegate process, On May 18, 1860, Lincoln’s team won him the Republican nomination after the third ballot.

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3 thoughts on “Cruz Is Not Breaking The Rules, He’s Doing What A Beloved 19th Century President Did”

    1. No, I merely stated that Cruz is doing what Lincoln did. So if you think Cruz is doing something illegal, or against the rules, then you should feel the same way about how Lincoln came to be president.

  1. For someone who claims to be so tough, The Donald sure has thin skin. “It’s so unfair” may as well be his campaign slogan.

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