Apathetic Citizens Deserve To Lose Their Freedoms and Liberty

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I absolutely believe what I wrote in the title of this article: apathetic citizens deserve to lose their freedoms. That’s right, I’m talking to you. Those of you who don’t know what is going on with your government, or to those of you who don’t care.

I don’t think they should lose their freedoms just because they are apathetic, nor do I want them to lose their freedoms because they are apathetic. IF we get to a point that our government takes away or limits our freedoms, those that sat around and did nothing while others warned them will deserve to have had their freedoms lost because they did nothing to prevent it. They are going to be responsible for their own oppression by the government.

To the apathetics: did you know that you even have freedoms? Probably not to the extent that you should. Let me explain some of them.

You have the right and freedom to say whatever you want. If you want to call Obama a traitor who cares more about his own power than he does about law, you can say that. If you want to call Mitt Romney a greedy moneybags who is a parasitical tumor, you can say that too.

You can also say something simple like, I don’t know if I trust my government. You can have honest conversations with people about anything. You can be an obnoxious, rude troll, or you can be a truth seeking citizen who wants to learn and ask questions about anything, including the government, without fear of retribution from the same government. That is your right, guaranteed by law in The Constitution. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be living in a free republic.

You have the right to be with the people you want to be with. If you want to gather with people to discuss a book, you can do that, if you want to gather to discuss local school issues with other parents, you can do that to. If you want to gather with a bunch of people to protest a war, you can do that.

You have the freedom to choose your own religion and to exercise your religious beliefs. If this means that your belief is that there is no god, you can believe that, and you can exercise that belief by worshiping yourself. Or, if you believe in God, you can exercise that according to your beliefs.

You have the right to arm yourself in order to prevent attacks from those who may harm you.

You have the right of privacy. Police, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the DOJ, cannot spy on you, cannot enter your home, cannot take your property, computer, smart phone, cannot read your email or texts, without first obtaining a warrant from a judge. This is your right.

So What?

“Well, I already knew all that” you say. Really, then why aren’t you standing up defending those rights? They are being violated! Do you care? No, of course you don’t. because you live in a free country and the government will never abuse its power. It will never spy on you if you are doing nothing wrong, it will never bust open your door looking for someone that you have never seen. Nothing like that has ever happened in a free country before and certainly has never occurred in America.

Lies. All of them. I’ll address those lies in a minute. But first . . . .

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History is ripe with examples of apathetic citizens letting politicians who seem harmless grab unjust power and slowly take away citizens’ freedoms. They do this one small step at a time, imperceptible to apathetics, but plain to anyone actively engaged. This is how Hitler was able to lull Germany into Nazi control. He promised peace and security, he was legally elected, but Germans slowly lost their rights and freedoms, without even noticing, or without caring, all in the name of peace, security, and patriotism.

Hitler squashed opposing political voices via bullying, controlling the press, and sometimes covert violence. This enabled him to be the sole hope for Germany during an economic depression and fear of war. The end result for Germany, a loss of freedom for all, even those who supported Hitler. That’s right, even those who supported Hitler lost freedom. Why? Because they elected a person who wanted 100% control of citizens. There were warning signs, but citizens ignored them.

“That will never happen in America.” A lie. It has already started. After the Boston bombings earlier this year, citizens’ homes were broken into, searched, and residents were forced out of their homes, all without a warrant. Illegal.

The president has used the IRS to bully opposition. He has used the IRS to bully tech companies to spy on citizens. He has bullied news outlets that challenge him.

You are being spied on. Illegally. “I’m not doing anything wrong, so it doesn’t matter,” you say. That argument is irrelevant. What the government is doing is illegal. And besides, it doesn’t matter if you think you are doing nothing wrong, it matters if the person spying on you thinks you are doing something wrong. And with the thousands upon thousands of lines of tax code in this country, I guarantee that you are doing something wrong, and the government can use the IRS to bully you, or worse.

“I’m a democrat, so who cares?” you say. Think about how appalling that sounds . You belong to a party that preaches tolerance, acceptance, and freedom, but you are okay with people losing their freedoms if they think differently? You are a hypocrite, and you are facilitating fascism if you are okay with people losing freedoms just because they have a different opinion.

If you want to have the ability to have your own associations, your own political and religious beliefs, you need to let others have their own as well. And you must defend those people’s rights.

You may be okay with the current administration spying on you, because you trust Obama. Thats certainly your right to believe that, but what about the next president? What if the next president is a right-wing religious zealot? Do you want him or her to have the ability to spy on you? Do you want them violating your rights? Nope. So stop the government now before it gets out of control.

Once Hitler came into power, he started to control citizens, and he didn’t care if a citizen had voted for him. Hitler wanted complete control. I am not saying that Obama is Hitler, nor am I saying that Obama is going to do what Hitler did. I am illustrating an example from history in which citizens, apathetic or blind, lost their freedoms regardless of their political affiliations. It can certainly occur again, even in the USA.

We have warning signs that Obama is becoming a tyrant. And if history repeats itself, even in a small way, we may get to the point Obama, or a future president, won’t care if you are a democrat or a republican. He may only want complete control. I hope it never happens. And please, please, please listen to warnings. Once you lose your freedoms, you will not get them back.

Stand with me. I want you to keep your freedoms and your rights. But if you remain apathetic, you will deserve to lose your freedoms, and no one will be able to defend you.

Call your representatives, state and federal. Share this message with others.

To republicans who think that your party is going to oppose Obama about this illegal spying on citizens, think again. John Boehner and Eric Canter have both said that they don’t care about this illegal spying business — they only care about arresting the 29-year-old man who let U.S. citizens know their rights were being violated.

Note to the federal employee who is taking a break from his pornography habit to intercept this article: the “I was only following orders” excuse doesn’t work. History has taught us that. Stand up with us, defend your own rights.

Note to those who will say “Bush started the illegal surveillance:” you are right. I opposed it then too. But that doesn’t change a thing. We have to stop it now.

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