Obama Wants to Be A Dictator

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obama-noseI found the SOTU campaign speech last night from President Obama to be condescending and hypocritical. It was filled with empty platitudes, contradictions, and grossly unconstitutional proposals.

After the president gave his grandiose dream of all the new departments, task forces, taxes, regulations, and mandates, he said something that sent a creepy chill down my spine. He firmed his jaw and said that he will do all those things with or without the approval of congress. This petulant man wants to be a full blown dictator.

Not since FDR has a president so strongly verbalized his wish to make congress irrelevant

As frustrating and annoying as congress is, we cannot allow [i]any[/i] president to circumvent congress in this manner. One of the reasons congress exists is to ensure no person in the government can become a dictatorial tyrant.

This man obviously has no understanding of history. He has no respect for The Constitution. He has no respect for the law. He fails to understand the role of the office of the president. President Obama is dangerous. We cannot allow him to continue to make congress irrelevant.

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